I actually don’t like alot of things (Part 2)

Oh my God, a part 2 now? Aren’t you already fed up of me?!

I’m not normal.

Earrings. Never liked them as a kid, still don’t like them. It feels so uncomfortable on my ears.


Indian outfits and Jewellery. Please no.

My two closest friends living far away. If they’re reading this, they know I’m talking about them.

Being on my phone too much. Like I am right now, but it’s only because I’m writing this blog. Which reminded me I have another blog post coming up about staying away from social media.

Not being allowed certain things. There are sub categories for this which I won’t even consider writing.

When my favourite fictional character from the book dies. WHY DO AUTHORS DO THAT?!

Crowdy areas. I’m claustrophobic in crowdy areas. Expect me to either collapse or have my voice become faint or just nodding my head if you talk to me in the crowd. I won’t even care if I’m listening to you because I would be busy making myself calm down.

SOMEONE INTERRUPTING YOU WHEN YOU LISTENING TO SONGS!! (Seriously, why would anyone want to do that?!)

Sushi. I’m most probably a different human being by now judging from what all things I don’t like. I don’t like Sushi. I know so many people who love sushi and me, on the other hand, no. nope. I would try to avoid it if there are other options.

When someone doesn’t listen to you after you told the whole story. I know people like them. Been there, experienced that. Their story must be more interesting than yours. So next time, just keep nodding and smiling

I get distracted easily and I don’t like that. One time I was reading a book and my mom brings out fresh juicy cherries and I finish almost a bowl of it and started writing a blog post, thus, eventually forgetting what the story in the book is about and where I left off. I will talk to you about my day and then 2 minutes later I’m gonna start a whole new sub topic.

…….. Right, back to me writing this post.

Wait oh, I have to read that book. Why am I here?

Are there mangos in the fridge tho?

I’m going.

I don’t think there would be a part 3. Well I hope not. I seriously do LOVE things more than not liking it.

Raven Jackson. ✌

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