Being 20 on 20

Admit it, the title sounds kinda cool right?!

The reason so, is that my birthday is today, 20th July and I’m 20 years old *gulps*

I’m blasting my ears listening to hard rock-pop songs trying to distract me away from thinking I’m 20.

I’m happy.

I’m sad.

Maybe even frustrated that I haven’t accomplished much.

2 days ago, I was talking with one of my closest friends from school, Fal K, about how she felt when she turned 20. It’s scary and sad to know that being 20, means responsibility and … AAAAAAH ADULTHOOD. I’m not an adult and I’m definitely not feeling it.

I have so many thoughts in my head about today.

Why 20?

How am I 20?

Where did the time go?

What am I doing??

What should I do now?

What should I be doing?

Where am I going now?

What have I done all these years?

I feel like I should write down some of the happy memories and things that I’m proud of, over the past 19 years, to make myself feel better about today. I’ve had a lot of fun memories and I wish I could go back and re-live them all.


3 school picnics to Waterparks. They are just a different kind of fun.

10 day trip to USA, to 3 states- New York, Washington DC and Florida. Visited Universal Studios and DisneyLaaannnddd. (I wish I had more time to spend there, especially with my soulie)

I can never let the image of the streets of New York get out of my mind (we spent less than a day there, but hell, if I’m getting a chance to go back there, I need to stay there for a month)


The One Direction Concert!!!


Graduating from school (ha)

Had 5 successful surgeries, 2 of them when I was ‘months’ old. Recovered well and still am. ❤ Will get there eventually.

Volunteered at some of the amazing places and can never forget the experience. Getting medals and appreciations is the best feeling ever.

Family trip to Georgia, Tbilisi and Sri Lanka. Ugh. Seriously need to go back there.

Got my own camera!!

Went to RedFest DXB. One dream come true since I’ve been wanting to go for 4 years.

All those times I was near the ocean listening to those calm waves.


Visited Middle East Film and Comic-Con.

Got to be on TV for a few seconds, but I’m happy my family get to see me on the screen.

Virgin Radio Dubai is my favourite and the best of the best radio stations in Dubai and I was on the radio, on-air, twice.

Read so many books over the years and becoming a fan of some of the authors and fangirling to whoever has read the books of those authors. Got so many favourite authors but one always gonna be the top one…. Any Harry Potter fans out there?!


On my 18th birthday, one of my favourite Youtubers, Mark Ferris, wished me a happy birthday on Twitter and let me tell you, I didn’t stop thinking about it. I still do.

Having the best days with my closest friends.

My best friend surprised me by making the entire staff of TGI Fridays sing Happy Birthday to me. It was 2 days prior to my birthday, I was turning 19 but hey, that girl knows how to shock you, make yourself look dumb and surprise you with a marching band.

Went to the Christopher Robin’s movie premiere with her. 20180731_183419

Also, she surprised me again by showing up at my house after travelling 7 hours from UK WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! DEAR LORD! 

Having the most memorable, ridiculous, ABOVE THE LINE CRAZY times with my loving B, Fal K. I know you’re reading this.. ahem.. *coughs* (Watching that guy along with those 2 crabs)

Endless late night chats with my amazing truly blessed friend, Tash., who lives 7000 frikking miles away from me. YOU READING THIS BOO, JUST KNOW, I LOVE YOU. Wish you were by my side when I’m writing this post.

I got my first payment.

I’m becoming less anxious day by day and it’s improving. ❤

Dancing alone makes me happy (well when no one is looking) and those days when I was home alone, having the music blast through the whole house and not caring about anything except having fun choreographing your own routine.

I’ve been happy with all my sketches so far over the years and can’t wait to see what more I can do with it (at this point, I don’t know myself when it comes to sketching) There are days where I just get the itch of wanting to stain my hands with graphite so I find some pictures on the internet which I think would be easy for me to draw. Who knows, I’ll end up drawing the Niagra Falls or the entire map of the world in detail.

Last but not least, if I’m happy with myself and my surroundings, everything will come into place. I’m working on that and there isn’t an improvement or progress I see now, but I know for sure, when I look back at this day or year, I know I’ll be happy. And this experience right now, the progress is one hell of a good experience.

Come to think of it, this post really made me feel better. I smiled and laughed at every point I wrote.


Happy Birthday to me.

Nothing big or extravaganza happening today. Just a normal day.

Thank you for reading and to all my friends mentioned above, thank you for bearing me. I’m 20 now. Leaving your teenage life behind and going into adulthood is unbelievably tough but I don’t think I’ll ever change. I’m still cute. Still weird. Still amazing. Still a kid at heart. ❤ I’m never gonna stop being a tiny girl who goes through 2 million mood swings per minute and who loves to annoy all my dearest peeps by crying and complaining about almost everything in life.

I will surely look back at this blog post one day. ❤

Raven Jackson.

(My pen name is not gonna change either)

3 thoughts on “Being 20 on 20

  1. Happy 20 on 20!! Loved reading this soulie!! ♥️ and god I can’t wait to have many more amazing moments with you!! You deserve the absolute best and do not ever loose faith in your goals and dreams!! ♥️


  2. Happy 20 on the 20th of July !!!!! I am so proud of you, munchkin. This post made me smile from ear to ear for my MINION did have a life in the past 2 decades. 2 DECADES. AAAAAAAAH! Welcome to the 20-20 club, as Roshni and I set up your throne to ascend. I know it is daunting to age numerically, as we’ve had many discussions over it, but that you have this positive attitude that needs to forever shadow you, will brighten the future and what it holds.
    There is no such rule as YOU HAVE TO ACT ACCORDING TO YOUR AGE. Stay a kid, forever in your heart and soul.
    You can always count on us, moi and yourself in any situation.


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