Things I find attractive.

When someone remembers small details about you– That’s a big AWWW moment because I never had friends who would remember tiny details about me. My closest friend who is in the same university as me, she almost remembers what I told her years or centuries ago and I’m always shocked. Sometimes I think I’m becoming a forgetful person because I don’t even remember telling her those details. There are few other friends of mine from school who basically have a good memory than me, because they remember what I don’t like to eat or what time I was born (they are not my stalkers) So when you actually find a person who does remember those little precious moments, whether its stupid, insane or just freaking beautiful, never let them go.

Friends who reply to your sarcasm with sarcasm– THESE PEOPLE…… ARE THE REAL MVP (my definition would be Most Valuable Person)

Image result for sarcastic friends

Pancaaakkkkeeesssss. So soft, so fluffy, so delicious with chocolate syrup or honey.

Friends, when they drive.  They are my Uber.

Pasta (any kind of pasta in this world, yum)

People in leather boots- They look so cool and are the coolest! But when I wear it, I look like I’ve been tired since 1945.

Men’s perfume……. (totally not weird)




Having a beautiful personality in and out. Why is it so rare to find people like them?

Someone who defends you or praises about you to others when you’re not around– I NEED PEOPLE LIKE THESE! WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE THIS. THE WORLD NEEDS PEOPLE LIKE THESE!

Let me know if you find any of these attractive or none at all!

Raven Jackson.

Instagram- r.n.captures


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